Course Highlights

  • Live 1-to-1 coaching sessions with Animesh, scheduled at your time

  • Training on specific areas in depth: anxiety, storytelling, upcoming work presentation, etc.

  • Personal attention and quick support on Whatsapp or Calls throughout the program

  • Free Consultation to design a program for your goals; EMI option; Money-back guarantee.

  • Download Brochure here. Ages 14+ only; Must understand basic English

Plans and Pricing

*If you're confused about the number of hours, begin with the shorter duration. If needed, upgrade within 3 weeks at the same discounted rates. It is also recommended that you enroll for the online course which has all the content listed on this page under "online course curriculum."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time will I need to attain all my goals?

    If you're confused about the number of hours, begin with the shorter duration of 1 month. We can always discuss and upgrade you after 2 weeks!

    The time depends on your current state and how far away it is from your desired state. If your content is poor AND you get nervous, then you'll probably need 3-6 months. If your content is good and you speak fine, but you need to be more engaging or powerful in your speaking, then 1 month would be enough.

    You can also get a free consultation to determine the time you'll need. Please take the assessment or call us at +91-9920818084.

  • How often and for how long will Animesh personally guide me?

    You'll be in direct contact with Animesh through Zoom, WhatsApp, phone... on a regular basis, throughout the coaching duration. There's no limit to the interactions for as long as your hours and time period is valid.

  • Is the program flexible? What if I'm unavailable for few weeks?

    Yes it's flexible and as per your schedule. If you need multiple sessions in a week, or if you need to be away for a whole month, it's okay. Our coaching sessions will anyway be spaced out so you're getting enough time to apply the learnings.

  • When and how are the sessions scheduled?

    You can schedule the coaching sessions at your preferred day/time - Mondays to Sundays, 10am to 10pm, IST.
    Typically we spend about 1-2 hours in each session, and meet once a week. It's important to have a few days gap between sessions, so you can apply the learnings as well.
    In addition to the live sessions, we would also be in touch throughout by WhatsApp or calls, to discuss the assignments or any feedback/questions you may have.
    The schedule and pace of the program is customisable and depends on your requirements.

  • Is there any discount? EMI or Installment? GST?

    Is there any discount?:
    There are no discounts. People sometimes ask why this course is more expensive than other courses they've seen. It's the same reason why we prefer to go to some doctors we trust, even though they are more expensive.

    EMI is available when you're checking out using your credit card - most major credit cards allow the EMI. Installment option is available on coaching plans of 6 month or more, which comes to about Rs.15k per month for 6 months. Please call for more details.
    Prices are all inclusive, and no extra taxes will be applicable. Checkout here using Paypal which allows any credit/debit card. For PayU money, NEFT, or UPI, click here

  • Can I get a trial?

    Yes, you can start with a single coaching session WITH the full online course by choosing the 2nd option over here for Rs.9950.

    If you want the coaching trial without the online course, you can sign up here for Rs.3990.

  • Do I have to take the Online Course with this Coaching plan?

    Although it's highly recommended that you enroll for the online course to supplement your progress, it is not necessary. If you like, you can decide to enroll later as well. Here's the link for the online course page which also offers free preview of some videos to help you decide.

  • Do you offer refunds, cancellation, or changes to the plan?

    Yes, you may downgrade or upgrade whenever you want. If you upgrade within 2 weeks, you'll be eligible for the same discounted rates. Downgrading or cancellations can be done anytime. You can cancel the program any time for any reason, and you get 70% money back on the coaching fee, minus the pro-rated hours used up in coaching. No questions asked.

Watch Intro Video


"A Dialogue to Kill the Fear of Public Speaking"

Client Reviews

Ajay Saindansing


You introduced me to the skills I didn't know I was capable of getting. When I joined the course I wasn't expecting many changes. Thanks for helping me overcome the fears I had since childhood.

Pam Goodwin


I was finally able to get the fear out of my head. I received excellent reviews [for my presentation]. I didn't feel nervous at all and felt like a rock star. All because of you you changed my thinking and my life. Thank you!!

Ani Khandekar


Thank you Animesh! Your passionate energy impressed me. I am glad I selected you versus all the other trainers I had spoken to. In short I managed to achieve what I had in mind!

Kim Lane

United Kingdom

Animesh Gupta you have given me such inspiration. Your video has made me more confident along with giving me tools to manage my feelings. Many thanks!

Aidan Orange


Because of you I am getting dressed, washing my face and going outside the house! My fear wants me to lock myself up indoors all day! Because of you I am choosing not to do that to myself today or tomorrow or the day after! Thank you thank you thank you for helping me!

Shreyas Verma


I didn't know that I could actually learn these skills and make a big change. I feel a much more confident version of myself, and am grateful to you.