Course Highlights

  • Option 1: Full course with pre-recorded video lessons and assignments

  • Option 2: Full course AND 1-to-1 coaching with Animesh, for those who want a Transformation

  • The ONLY course that will help you conquer Stage Fear and Anxiety, to become a confident speaker

  • Covers non-verbal, verbal, and storytelling: Being impressive in social or formal situations

  • Download Brochure here. Ages 14+ only; Must understand basic English

Online Course Curriculum

(Online course is recommended, but not mandatory.)

  • MODULE 1- SPEAKING FEARLESSLY: Overcoming shyness and managing nervousness

    Is it possible to transform into a great speaker?

    Self-Evaluation: Diagnose your challenges first

    Embracing the anxiety: Re-evaluating the nervousness

    The Dialogue: Get Ready to Conquer your Fear!

    Fear of Forgetting: “What if I forget?”

    Control the “What If” questions; manage Negative Thinking

    Fear of Being Judged: "What will people think?"

    Nervous because of Language? "My English is weak!"

    Anxiety related to answering impromptu questions

    "I speak well but still get nervous!" For the good speakers who face anxiety:

    Dealing with Panic in a High-Stakes situation

    Solve the anxiety to rush through it, get off stage, and end sooner

    Does Anxiety make you want to Escape the situation?

    Problem with Stammering or Mispronouncing?

    Managing Nervousness in the Body (controlling heartbeat, shivering, etc.)

    Overcome Nervousness: Challenge yourself; use Anger as a tactic

    Overcome Nervousness: 4 tactics of using Humour

    Bonus: Conquering Interview anxiety

  • MODULE 2 - SPEAKING POWERFULLY: Creating strong content and maximising engagement

    Conversational-Skills: Greetings + Small Talk

    Introducing yourself - Formal and Informal Situations

    Body Language Part 1 - while seated

    Body Language Part 2 - while standing

    Creating Powerful Content - Formal and Informal Situations

    Maximise Engagement and speak on ANY topic

    Storytelling: The Key to Speaking Powerfully

    Storytelling - Assignment 5

    Body Language Part 3 - Expressions and Emphasis

    Body Language Part 4 - Active Listening

    Being Concise and Speaking To-The-Point

    How to Describe People and Emotions

    Creating Powerful Speeches: Starting impactfully

    Creating Powerful Speeches: Concluding impactfully

    Handling Questions and Difficult Audience Members

    Preparing Strategically, to succeed on stage

    Visual Appeal and Creating Slides

    Advanced Speeches - Assignment

    Mastery in Public Speaking - Assignment


    Overall Style & Body Language

    Small Talk & Pre-Interview chit-chat

    Introducing yourself: "Tell us about yourself"

    Strengths + "Why should you be hired?"

    The Weaknesses

    Answering Behavioural or HR questions

    Dealing with Tricky or "Impossible" questions

    How to Control the Interview!

    "Do you have questions for us?"

    Turning a bad interview around: Last-resort strategy

    Important! How to prepare to master your interviews

    Conquering Interview Anxiety

    Assignment: Feedback or LIVE Mock Interview!

Pricing Options

Choose the full course with or without the coaching option. The coaching option is recommended for anyone who wants to fast-track their growth, and "transform."

*Includes a 90-min 1-to-1 coaching with Animesh. You'll get a comprehensive analysis of your communication-skills (body language, verbal power, structuring of thoughts, presence of mind, argumentation, etc.). Plus, you can design a way forward or a "journey to transform" your communication-skills. This may require a long-term coaching plan with regular 1-to-1 sessions with Animesh.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get in the Course WITHOUT coaching option?

    Just take the free trial and sample it yourself! There are assignments, videos, handouts... you get everything that's listed on this page - the detailed curriculum is given here.

  • What do I get in the Course WITH Coaching option?

    Full access to the course, and a 90-minute coaching session with Animesh.

    (1) Understand your current skillset, desired skillset, gaps between the two, and how to achieve your goals.

    (2) Comprehensive evaluation and feedback on the overall way you communicate.

    (3) Feedback covers Verbal (tone, emphasis, etc.), Non-Verbal (gestures, expressions, etc.), Content, Engagement, Confidence... ALL!

    (4) At the end of 90 minutes, we can design a way forward or a program to help you accomplish all of your goals.

  • Which course option should I go for?

    The online course without coaching is a great option, especially if the fee is a big part of your decision. This is Rs.5900.

    However, the course WITH the coaching is a real game-changer. It's for anyone who: (a) is looking for a transformation, or wants to fast-track their growth, (b) is unhappy with the current social or professional impact of their communication, (c) is in an important or senior role, or is going to be in a competitive environment where these skills will matter a lot, (d) has something important and urgent coming up, like a presentation, interview, etc., (e) is willing to invest time and money to achieve the goals.

    Still unsure? Start making progress with the online course, and you can always add the coaching option later.

  • When/how can I schedule the coaching session? Does it expire?

    You can schedule it at your preferred day/time - Mondays to Sundays, 9am to 9pm, IST. It is advisable that you first start going through some of the course content yourself, before you schedule the session. However, if you're in a hurry to progress or if you feel you'll need a lot of personal attention/coaching time with Animesh, you can schedule your session right away.
    The coaching session must be scheduled within 3 months of enrolling, after which it expires. Coaching time is also non-transferable.

  • I want a longer coaching program; one session isn't enough.

    Yes, one session is usually not enough to transform your personality or communication-skills! You can begin making progress right away with our first meeting. At the end of this meeting, we'll design a way forward or a "journey to transform" your communication-skills. It may vary from 1 month to 12 months, depending on the extent of your challenges and what all is to be accomplished.

  • How much time/money is needed to attain ALL my goals?

    Money? Rs.5900 for the Online Course without coaching!

    Time? That's a little hard to guess. There's about 5 hours of video content and 15 assignments.
    If you're "good" and want to refine your skills, it'll take you about 10-20 hours over a month.
    If you're "average" and need a sizable improvement, then about 15-40 hours over 2-4 months.
    If you're weaker, then you'll need about 20-60 hours over 6 months or more.
    For interview prep only, you'll need about 3-7 hours.

    However, many people need coaching. The Rs.9950 option to add a session with Animesh will help you gain valuable insights. You can begin making progress right away with the online course first, and then upgrade later if you feel the need.

  • Can I take the Coaching plan ONLY, without online course?

    The online course is an excellent supplement to the coaching program. It is highly recommended you opt for both, as the price will not be very different anyway. If you still want to go for coaching only, please see this link for details, or contact us.

  • Requirements for this course: Age and Language?

    You must be at least 13 years old. It's NOT necessary that you speak English, but you must be able to UNDERSTAND English - since all the material and videos are in English.
    For coaching option, you must either speak English or Hindi.
    Please note that this course is NOT to brush up your English. It's not a spoken English course to improve your fluency or vocabulary.

  • EMI or Installment? Discounts? Refund policy? GST?

    EMI is available when you're checking out using your credit card - most major credit cards allow the EMI. Installment option is available on coaching plans of 6 month or more, which comes to about Rs.15k per month for 6 months. Please call for more details.
    Is there any discount?:
    There are no discounts. People sometimes ask why this course is more expensive than other courses they've seen. It's the same reason why we prefer to go to some doctors we trust, even though they are more expensive. Refunds:
    For the main course: We offer free previews that will help you decide if the course is right for you. There's no refund on the course.
    For the coaching plan: Cancel within 7 days of signing up. If you haven't used the coaching session, you'll get a full refund on that.
    For all other longer coaching plans: You can cancel the program any time for any reason, and you get 70% money back on the coaching fee, minus the pro-rated hours used up in coaching.

    Prices are all inclusive, and no extra taxes will be applicable. Checkout here using Paypal which allows any credit/debit card. For PayU money, NEFT, or UPI, click here

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"A Dialogue to Kill the Fear of Public Speaking"

Client Reviews

Ajay Saindansing


You introduced me to the skills I didn't know I was capable of getting. When I joined the course I wasn't expecting many changes. Thanks for helping me overcome the fears I had since childhood.

Pam Goodwin


I was finally able to get the fear out of my head. I received excellent reviews [for my presentation]. I didn't feel nervous at all and felt like a rock star. All because of you you changed my thinking and my life. Thank you!!

Ani Khandekar


Thank you Animesh! Your passionate energy impressed me. I am glad I selected you versus all the other trainers I had spoken to. In short I managed to achieve what I had in mind!

Kim Lane

United Kingdom

Animesh Gupta you have given me such inspiration. Your video has made me more confident along with giving me tools to manage my feelings. Many thanks!

Aidan Orange


Because of you I am getting dressed, washing my face and going outside the house! My fear wants me to lock myself up indoors all day! Because of you I am choosing not to do that to myself today or tomorrow or the day after! Thank you thank you thank you for helping me!

Shreyas Verma


I didn't know that I could actually learn these skills and make a big change. I feel a much more confident version of myself, and am grateful to you.